Potluck Supper

Come on in! The food is hot!

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This is a community dedicated to all things food and cooking.

Recipes, food talk, discussion of culinary equipment, even tales of woe are welcome. Please note that there is no recipe too small or too weird for this community (unless it is poisonous.) Did you make fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches last night? Tell us all about it! Drink recipes, baking recipes, desserts, candy-making, wine, beer and cheese talk and discussions of great meals had in a restaurant are also okay!

Mockery/lectures/flammage regarding personal eating choices for ethical/health/religious reasons (vegetarianism versus meat eating, Atkins versus low fat, morality of pork consumption, etc.) IS NOT ALLOWED

Example 1: "You shouldn't eat meat! That's murder!" or "Atkins will KILL you!" -- this will get you banned.

Example 2: "Since I'm a vegetarian, this recipe won't have any meat at all." or "This recipe is excellent for Atkins." - this will get you hugged.


Suggested Post Headers

RECIPE - Title of Recipe

TEST KITCHEN - For discussing the results of recipes from books, recipe sites or television as have been observed in your own kitchen. Try to name the source if you can.

The rest you can make up on your own.

Suggested topics: Seasonal vegetables, cuts of meat, great herbs, best knives, good stoves, olive oils, top markets, international cooking, cooking tricks, secret sauces, Granny's shortbread, uses for Rice Krispies ... you get the idea.