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Ben / KC_Risen Phoenix!

Help With Healthy Apple Recipes



I found out that the apple tree several doors down isn't a crab apple tree, but is now producing wonderful red apples. What's more, another neighbor has made several apple pies from them and assures me that the apple neighbor has said that all are welcome to them!! And they are delicious!

So last night I got out my kitchen uppsie daisy and went and picked a couple dozen (the ones I could reach with my fear of falling), and then peeled them. They weren't the pretty ones, but the weird shaped and ones with bad places on them. I can get more as well!

Charles, the PieNeighbor, told me that he brings apples to a boil, then turns down the flame and when the apples are soft, mashes them and adds sugar for great apple sauce.

Then I got to wondering. Can I do something else, like an apple crisp or cobbler or whatever? I am not going to attempt a pie, but would LOVE to do something HEALTHY with them.

What do I do? And should I avoid white flour? Processed sugar? What should I do? Maybe something with oatmeal?


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